Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Lust, Money & Murder, Book One - By Mike Wells

This book has opened my eyes into the wonderful world of crime and espionage—I need to read more crime! I was long under the impression that all crime books are slow 'whodunnits', however, this seems so wonderfully different. Not a single moment in this book is boring! 

This story has a perfect sense of pacing that is so rare with big, overarching stories. Everything that was written and published was necessary to the plot, even little details would eventually tie in to the larger picture. All of the pieces of this puzzle just seemed to fit so perfectly together. 

The character of Elaine was also beyond loveable! She's not quite squeaky clean, but she's not all rough and nasty. I initially had my suspicions about her; when I first came across the story, it seemed to be a serious, revenge plot. You know the type: Girls father dies because of some crime, prompting the girl to embarks upon a world-wide mission as a cop to bust the baddies, finds love along the way, kicks some serious ass, and everything wraps up nicely. This is not the case with "Lust, Money & Murder". Actually, the revenge storyline is very minute compared to the criminal shitstorm that we see brewing near the end of the novel. All I can say is thank you Mike Wells for making Elaine human—we need a lot more humans in literature.

The counterfeit money details were also done very, very well. Enough detail to keep me really interested, but never too much where I felt as if I was drowning in a sea of currency. 

(To be fair, I would actually love to drown in money).


(No coins though ... )


Congratulations, Mr Wells. Independently published authors often get a lot of bad reputation because of amateur writers who believe their first drafts are up to the standard of Stephen King. Many are too scared to even sample unsolicited stories, and I don't blame them, for I've across a number of ... questionable self-published works in my reading days. This book, however, casts a new spotlight of hope into that dark cavern, exemplifying to readers that there are many gems hidden in the rough, you've just got to search. Good luck in the rest of your publishing adventures! I'll certainly be following along.

"Lust, Money & Murder" earns a solid 5/5 stars and has earned a permanent place on my favourites shelf! 

- Crystal Dawn 

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